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Toughset: Remorse and Remembrance by XennyDiemes Toughset: Remorse and Remembrance by XennyDiemes
I have seriously anticipated this when I made it out during that coinflip. Took a couple of days after writing it to see what can be done and now that the pic is out I can complement it with a follow-up to the previous pic. Switching gears again from scary and sweet to serious. Enjoy the story.

Art (c) :icontoughset:
Colors (c) :iconxennydiemes:

Update 9/3: Did some minimal revision to the story below and the pic, thanks to me is now in stunning C O L O R ! ! ! !


Remorse and Remembrance – Third Revision
By Xenny Diemes

It has been fifteen years to the day since that fateful encounter with the dark pirate empress Darquebane. Was only like it happened yesterday that everything that has happened to him wasn't true but it did. The imperial fleet. All 32 ships destroyed by a single woman, his own crewmen and captain abandoned him to be left in the hands of that demon that picked him off that floating piece of driftwood. Thrust into the great heaving bosom of the one his fleet attacked. His only answer was yes just out of complete fear of having his soul eaten just like the lifeless crewmen that roam across the decks of the Night Splinter. For the next ten years of his life. Timothy is under the servitude of the mighty pirate and will put him in hell through furious commands and condescension that would kill the thickest of skins. Rendering the already fearful relationship more abusive as he saw it.

No matter what mission, raid or death swath Timothy is often forced to engage in, his master keeps coming down on him only imagining that he can not do any worst than the last. Ordered to do menial tasks from cleaning up after the crewmen who were even grosser pigs than he thought they were to being the lookout... only in days when the most severe storms strike. Timothy had gone insane many times from being broken more by the captain than the crew has driven him to commit suicide several times. But he has learned time and time again; Unless by the captain's own hand, no one on board the Night Splinter can ever die. Virtually disheartened, timothy surrenders to his fate. One that is far worse than what his former life gave him.

On the night of the sixth year as his first mate, and his capture, the captain returning from her hideout is in need of a bath and a “tit-washer”, having lost her right one to a musket during their latest raid. This leaves poor Timothy to take over his job. Barred from seeing the captain's bare chest during bathing, he is blindfolded and begins to wash all that great black flesh. The task demands for calm, steady hands to wash all that black-pelted bosom, Darquebane warns timothy half-way to be careful not to press hard to let even a gob of milk come out from her nipple unless he wants to share the fate of the last washer years ago. The previous one before the other who got shot was washing her breast and got careless to let the milk squirt out. What happened next was the boat rocked to one side as it was from Darquebane through a punch hard enough to crush the careless washer's skull into the wall.

Too scared to be careful, his awkward movements only made Darquebane angrier to finally had it with his aggravating incompetence and drops a torrent of insults, put-downs and hurtful epithets that can destroy even the strongest of souls. To Timothy however, this became a revelation of epic proportions. All these times were never any different from the abuse he has gotten from dear mom and dad, his ex-lover and those sack-of-shit crew mates that only see him as a doormat without any redeeming value. Only this time, if he stood up for himself, it would mean certain death or live forever as a soulless zombie. It did not matter anymore to Timothy for it was sure a lot better than being the black lioness's bitch. Curling up his right hand into a fist, Timothy shouted loud enough to get the pirate's attention and threw a hard jab right in the face. The force of the punch was so hard, he successfully knocked a thousand pounds of her off the tub and messily on the floor. Flooding the floor and dropping the tub on top of her.

Timothy feels a great weight has been lifted off of his own soul for doing that, though ever so wrong to hit a woman, his master was anything but to justify such a powerful strike. Darquebane's muscles exploded in size as she blows the tub covering her to pieces. Her snarl exposed to the gum line, heaved breasts sprouted thick veins to match does feeding the bulging muscles, fueled by rage. Fur on her back, shoulders and chest stood up signaling her fury to Timothy to ever strike her down. A move like that warrants a fate far worse than what he believes to that he responded with him not caring a bit. He really wanted to get it off his chest and what punishment she has in store would mean nothing to him, just that he finally stood up to take someone down. And she says to her face it was one less asshole to put up with. With flaming hands raised Darquebane is ready to deliver to blow to Timothy with these last words. "You thought wrong Mr. Biggens" and threw the flames down on him.

There was no screaming, no torture or any punishment of any kind but a strange feeling on his body. Opening his eyes, Timothy discovers that he is wearing a totally different set of clothes, his raggedy pants that the wore for years are now replaced with a new clean pair, strong made boots to cover his worn feet, and a stylish black jacket trimmed with gold. He had no undershirt but it did not matter. He was too flabbergasted to even comprehend what is going on and as Darquebane forms her clothing on herself, she keeled down and explain what she has been doing all these years. Darquebane doesn't really care if Timothy hates her for doing those horrible things, but everything she has done to him was nothing short of a method to break him down and leave him to rebuild it in his own image. He knows that she is an impossibly strong being with powers that defy reason, but if he cannot reach to the point that it no longer matters when he will no longer tolerate her crap and actually stand up for himself even against someone who killed countless men in a blink of an eye, then it was hopeless for him. Darquebane could not be more proud to see him finally grow a pair and took him outside to proclaim in front of her crew of undead that the small cat has earn his place truly as her first mate.

Though for Timothy he is still swimming in confusion after what just happened right now as the crew cheered him on as that too is revealed that they were in on her plan as well all these years. Timothy learned a lesson in the making. He has to stand even in the face of those more powerful than he is or with the power to destroy him at will. For the small weakling, all the years of abuse and disrespect melted away by simply throwing a hard right into his superior's face and he never felt the need to be sorry for it. Which his what Darquebane actually stopped Timothy from doing at first. She relieves him from tit-washer duty and lets him rest in his new quarters telling him that a new day awaits for him.

The following years turned a dramatic change for the better, Timothy has now become a respected crew member of the Night Splinter in duties that their master and her toiled in. He knows when to let Darquebane knows when she is right or wrong and when to take charge when she is on her "away" voyages. Everything leading up to today, fifteen years have passed since the day he became a crew member and the thoughts of his old life slowly surfaced, making him wish to see home just once. But Darquebane denied his requests time and time again until he has had it with her denials. Though Darquebane is angry for not listening to her warnings and risks of coming back to that old life, she knows that he will keep going on for this request until it drives her crazy. With that, she amply removed his title as first mate and sends him off to his home. Timothy thought that he did not really mean it but she's no fool, to know when she's serious in her decisions and this one is final. The crew pulls up a boat and then sends him on his way with her back turned. Though upset he sails away from the Night Splinter as it slowly fades into the clouds never to be seen again.

It took days to approach land but he is finally back home in his native town now grown in size and population since he last left. Everything's so unfamiliar to him except for his old home where he finally met his family who in response are shocked but not happy at all, but more infuriated at his return. Because they where cashing in on his death benefits the government was giving to them and they were living like kings and not the dirt-poor kind that Timothy was forced to join the navy for their support. It was a matter of time that some of his old crew mates also spotted him and remember what their commanding officer as told them many years ago. It did not take long before all the warnings that his former master told him came in and captured him. There he was charged with treason and cowardice under orders. Timothy's counter-arguments were easily ignored and even angrier voices came from his family when their death benefits not only stopped but are seized back as a result of these charges, they only want to kill him for taking their wealth away and wishing that he should have stay dead. Not more stinging than to hear Timothy's own mother wishing him death from the moment he was born.

For the charges, he is to be sentenced to death by hanging with a weight tied up to his feet to ensure that the execution will be brutal as possible, a request from his own parents. On the night of the execution, Timothy's former superior officer, the captain who kicked him off the lifeboat to man a sinking ship while he and his men flee is now an Admiral for his great deeds is now in charge to lay out his crimes.

"Timothy Abigail Biggens, for the charge of high treason, piracy on the high seas, collaborating with the enemy, destruction of property and cowardice in the face of duty you are hereby sentenced to death by hanging. Any last words from that pathetic little mind of yours before your execution?"

That's where Timothy actually had something to say.

"Yes I do... captain. How does it feel to be the big hero these morons say you are?"
"More than you will ever know you little wretch! And it's Admiral now, show some respect before you die."
"It would be a shame to discover that you where the one who kicked me off as you and your men fled like cowards."
"Shut up Biggens."
"Knowing full well that you purposely led your men into what yourself damn well knew was a no-win battle with my mistress"

The voices of the crowd including the admirals crew members also high-ranking officials were growing concerned. Even though they do not like him at all there is no way that their leader would actually known this and still put his men in danger. But they still focus their rage into seeing the lowly brat gets his final comeuppance.

"Don't listen to this liar! Shut up Biggens"
"During my last raid, before I got homesick. I came across something that the people will not like to hear about the man why tried to take on my captain and ran in without permission from the Queen herself. How did that entry go... Oh yes, 'Darquebane has been the thorn on my side for far enough and it has been getting in the way of my desired promotion. I will find her and bring that monster even if I have to persuade that whore of a queen and endanger my men to do it.'"
"SHUT UP BIGGENS!!" And brutally punches him across the spitting out a tooth.
"Don't care really. It's strange isn't it, I would have feared this but I'm not, am I?" Says Timothy knowing that the Admiral's expression is turning into fear itself and wants it over with fast.
"The strange thing is, that in the end, I'll be more man than you will ever be captain. You hear me... sir! I am more man than you'll be HAHAHAHA"

In a fury, the Admiral gives his orders to the executioner.

“Pull the lever!” Angrily shouts the admiral.
“But sir, we still need to.”
“JUST DO IT!!! And as for you Biggens, I hope you burn long before the ropes break your scrawny neck in two.”

Looking into the Admiral's eyes, Biggens just laughed straight in his face. “I don't care what happens, all I can say is that I'm not afraid anymore.”

Hoping those words can reach out to someone anyone he repeated those four last words before the executioner can pull the lever. “I'M NOT AFRAID ANYMORE!!!” hoping those words again reach through a sea of deafened ears. The lever is pulled, the weight came down first but before the rope and the force the weight takes to his ankles, a massive bang filled the air and the second sound was that of a hard thud as Timothy lands on the ground unharmed. The crowd looks at where the blast came from and not a single jaw is left un-dropped. The figure has been given many names. "The Dark Lioness", "Death's Harlot", "The Crimson-eyed Mistress", "Evil Empress of the Seven Seas" all these names applied to the being who made the shot, but to Timothy it was just one word: "Captain?!". Darquebane with her large pistol in hand that made the rope-cutting shot. She was alone without her crew because this was now personal. "If what Biggens says is true, then you have more to answer for Admiral." Everyone is scared to move but Darquebane's booming command to the executioner to free Timothy was loud and clear.

As for her message for the people put him there is clear: "I only want two things: my first mate and you Admiral, for your deeds, I want your head!" The admiral orders the troops to capture her at all costs even at the risk of having them shot if they disobeyed. Some came after her and with a single toss of a fireball from her hand, those men burn alive, that gets the rest of the people's attention to flee. More fight on and she takes the opportunity to take them on with their bear hands. Slashing, tearing and crushing their bodies with her own brutish might and laughing all the way while doing it. Timothy now free comes spots his parents running for their lives and decides that he has some things to talk over. Meanwhile Darquebane is having a blast slaughtering any who gets in her way. The muskets get stopped cold when striking her hard muscles and cannonballs deflect off of her huge breasts and those unlucky enough were hit or blown to bits by the deflected spheres. The men did not want to risk their lives anymore so they ran away leaving the Admiral alone to his fate.

"Now's your chance to be the hero that you so flagrantly want to become. This time however, there is no place to run."

Looking around for anything, the Admiral finds a sword from a dead man and pulls it out. Darquebane pulls out her much larger sword and though he is afraid beyond his embarrassment in wetting himself in front of the dark empress they two fight. Meanwhile back at the home of Timothy's parents, the two gather as much wealth that the government hasn't seized and try to make a run in the ensuing panic. As they make it for the door the only person that is standing in the way is their own son. "Mom, Dad, going somewhere?" Timothy says as the two drop their gold, jewels and assets to the ground and backed up as he walks slowly in progression. "What happened back at the Jail was just kidding around son, we did not mean any harm. Really!"

"Oh really? Like the time you sent me out into the forest knowing well there were dangerous animals out the get me and you locked the door when one did? Or how about the time mom that you use me as an ottoman to rest your diseased feet on and cost me my first date? Or how about the more recent time that you just forced me to join the navy against my will under threat of being disowned. Yeah guys and after all that, I still cared for you because I wanted to be a good son no matter what. Then Darquebane came alone and taught me otherwise."

As Timothy came closer to them, his parents cower back farther knowing that he will just kill them right where they are in a heartbeat. "There's one thing I want to say to you two. so listen and listen good." And the two can only feel his arms wrapped around them in a hug. "I forgive you." Says Timothy as he frees his parents, stands back up and walks away from them. Feeling humiliated from this gesture and wanting to get back at him for that stunt, his father jumps up and grabs a gun from the nearest drawer. Timothy can hear the click of the hammer pulling back and can see his father with the gun aimed for his head. "DIE YOU..." Where his fathers only and soon words before a hand came out of nowhere and pushed the gun down before it fired into the floor. Looking up, that hand belonged to an undead monster hissing and snarling at him. Timothy is surprised to see the undead crewmen of the Night Splinter coming to his aid.

"Your orders sir?"
"Do what you want with them... They're not my problem anymore."

As they looked back, his parents cry out to him as the crew brutally tear them part. But the cries fall on deaf ears just like he was with them. Meanwhile, back at the battle, the Admiral and Darquebane were in the midst of an uneven battle. All his moves are pathetic compared to hers and out of boredom, really wants to finish it off. At the admirals point of exhaustion, three hits was all that it takes to bring him down to his knees. Darquebane wants to savor this moment to cut him to bits, but is pathetic cries of mercy killed that passion. And leaves him be for she is a woman who would fight those who can, not to cowards not even to want his head anymore. Darquebane asks herself how a poor lad like Timothy had him for a superior is beyond her. The admiral didn't like this and takes his sword again to attack from behind but then a cold blade pierces through his chest. "It's over admiral and so are you" Timothy tells his former commander as he pulls out and drops to the ground dead.

"Captain, you came back. Why?"
"I did not want to leave my first mate to this fate. Things back on the ship have been..."
"You don't have to say it captain, I did too."
"Then, let us get back to the ship."
"Aye captain."

As the two leave, the pillaging starts as the crew grabs much of the towns many treasures before embarking back on the ship as for the two who are still in the town square Darquebane with Timothy's blessing, drops a curse on the town and all its people who did not fled to the town line. It starts with a rising fever, then a sudden sprouting of flames all over the body until the victim is consumed in a flame that can never be extinguished no matter how it is treated. Everything including the buildings and stuff that cannot normally burn did. The Curse of the Thousand-Year Fire consumes the town and that is what it says it does. The people regardless of being innocent or not all burned as they sailed away. The ones who were smart enough to leave were the luckiest. To make sure that no one knows of the town's existence, the refugees' minds were erased of their former home and the flaming mess that was once a thriving mecca is now shrouded in dark clouds far from discovery for a thousand years.

Timothy looks back from the deck as the fading light of the fires that consume his town goes, he sheds a single tear and closes his eyes for a moment. That is when the dark empress of the seas for the first time ever expressed concern to the lad also remorse on both of them for their actions.

"Mr. Bi... uh, Timothy..." Says Darquebane as she looks down at him standing firm staring down at the dying light not once looking back to her.
"Yes Captain?"
"Are you alright?"
"I have never been better in all my life. It all felt like a massive weight has been lifted off me and now I'm free"
"Even after I just burned your entire town to the ground?"
"Don't ever think of it that way captain. Where we left is not my town anymore. Just a world I now see would deserve such a fate. You actually did me a favor that's all." Though that wasn't the answer she had expected from Timothy even after what he has been through. The years of abuse to condition him, knowing that it was all to release the rage and anger long suppressed in his heart by fear. Being helpless, cowardly and submissive against those who had hurt him was his only protection against their wrath. Darquebane knew the moment she found the poor boy, he was already damaged goods better fit to be put out of its misery. However she, in her own sadistic means, helped him get through this to become the man she sees before her. And then came this.

"I'm sorry." Says Timothy
"Sorry, for what?"
"For leaving. You were right about what was to come for me if I ever came back. I just thought there was some hope left in the life I left behind, I see now that I was wrong."
"No Timothy. When you left the Night Splinter, I was upset but I knew that those same thoughts ran through me as well. You can say that I really wished that I was wrong that the very people who didn't like you, that abandoned you would redeem themselves. I guess I was too... "
"Really?" And Darquebane only nods to his short question.
"I see. Also about..."
"Well, I still need a first mate. Want the job?"
"You don't need to tell me twice captain"
"Good, Welcome back Mr. Biggens. It's late and I'll get the crew to draw a bath after everything we've been through."
"Do you still need me to wash one of your..."
"No, I got another one to do the job. Besides, I believe it is best to reserve them as a 'welcome back' gift for a certain someone". The suggestive expression on her red-eyed face of hers definitely implies her intentions. And it brings a surprised blush and smile on Timothy's face.
"Come over to my quarters later and I will show you what a real woman is like. You deserve to take your mind off tonight."
"I... I... Aye, captain." Says Timothy with stutter in his voice and gulp afterward.
"Please, if you like, call me Jacqueline." Says Darquebane before descending the stairs to her bath.
"Sure thing... Jacqueline." He looks to the captain going downstairs anticipating in the moments afterward, Timothy and the great black lioness will be in the main quarters making the hardest and wildest love he's had for the first time. The following morning, The man in the black coat that once was a captured seaman looks back to feel the wind in his hair believing in that a new day is on him. It's not of good, valor and honesty but evil, robbery and chaos. He is the first mate of a great mystical ship, manned by the soulless beasts that run it and ruled with an iron first by the woman that makes the devil fear her just at the sound of her name. Looking into the vast ocean, it becomes a closing of a far too long chapter and the opening of a new.

The world will come after him and want his head for his past and soon future crimes on the sea and land but to him. It couldn't have had it any other way. For now he now has three things running through his mind: What else she may tell him, The next time they make a raid and how to make first time loving to an evil black lioness twice his size with impossibly firm tits the size of cheese wheels. Such is the new life of Timothy Biggens. First mate of the Night Splinter.

The End
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skullman777 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
i applaude Timothy Biggins 
badass story too though, awesome artwork also
XennyDiemes Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional Writer
He's came a long way from being a unknown pushover wimp the confidant to the most dangerous pirate in the world.
Shard4578 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
That... Is... A awesome story!!!
XennyDiemes Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Professional Writer
Thanks and just curious, what did you like about the story?
Nitrouspegasus Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
how tall is this girl? The guy looks about 6ft tall.
XennyDiemes Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Professional Writer
I established her as being a bit over 13 feet tall. She's a huge woman but the pic tries to make it so. This one gives a better idea.
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
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Thank you so much, I still think that this is the best of the series involving Darquebane.
SoldierBoyXIII Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
This particular story?
XennyDiemes Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Professional Writer
There are others involving this character but after several re-reads, I felt I like this one for it's emotional approach and not much focus on just a giant lioness with massive boobs looking just for the appeal. There's a real woman behind those last time I checked lol. However yeah, I liked it because of how it came out to fit in with the pic and opportunity came through it.
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